Dewa  Athena is an inter-class sports event that presented by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung for 10th and 11st grade. It was held on 17th-18th March 2017 for 11st Grade, 25th March and 1st April 2017 for 10th Grade, and for final on 8th April 2017. The sports branch that contested are:
Male BasketballMale and Female FootballVolleyballMale and Female BadmintonMale and Female Dodge BallTug-of-warMale and Female RelayGobak Sodor   For attending Dewa Athena, my classmate wore a Baseball Jersey with white color and name+number at the back of the jersey. My jersey name is Brabo and 22 for the number

The first day of dewa athena for 10th Grade was held on 25th March 2017. The first branch that contested is Basketball. Basketball was played at the Basketball court. For basketball, my class(X MIPA 2) against X IPS. Member for the basketball is Arsy, Jodi, Pasha, Mauzillah, and Diaz. They won this competition!! Great job for my friends! At the same time, Badminton for female also played. It is located at Ba…

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Hello guys! Now I'm going to tell you about my sister!
My sister's name is Alriantha Permata Putri Brabo. My family and I usually called her as Putri, but her friends called her Alri or Alriantha. She was born in Bandung, 2nd May 2000. Now she is a 11th Grade student in SMAN 5 Bandung.
We always together since we were a child. We always wear a same clothes or same color, same shoes, even a same hair style. People usually called us a twin because we have a little bit same face, that is because we have a pointed nose like our father.
She is a kindly person i've ever met. She always help me when i have a difficult homework and she teaches me how to do that homework. Even though we always fight because a little problem, she knows how to make me not angry to her again.u
She always heard me when I tell her about my story, and she told me the best thing I have to do. Actually, I never told my friends about my story, so I tell it to
 my sister.
She is a smart person. She always ra…


1.Sorrow 2.An Adjective that describes a person’s face (subjective) 4.To be curious or one of the few things that is great in this world 7.To intentionally take part in something you that you shouldn’t 9.   Something first or important 11. Another word for zero or feeling that describes an emotion to others 12. Purchase 13. A name of a movie that resembles frankestein or a name of an ape in Victor Frankestein 14. A bird that is a sign of badluck 15.Something you wear outside your t-shirt or a synonym for military flak jacket 17.An american special police force acronym or to hit something 20. Famous mint seed 22.A country which located near russia 23.Famous lightning god in norse mythology
Vertical 2. A road that crosses a body of water or a road that connects one part of land to another 3. A movement which is made when we are sleepy 5. To press something 6. To own control of your life and country 8. To move or to change place of living 10.  An electric current suddenly bursting or to be surpris…

Learning from nature

Learn from nature means that nature give us many life lessons that helpful for us. Nature is the environment without human activities. But now, many humans hurt nature for their personal needs. Nature components are very important for our needs. Such as trees to produce oxygen, plants for our food, water for our drinks, and many more. What can we learn from nature? Trees From trees we can learn that  we can embrace the humble beginning. Even the mightiest trees that stand tallest don’t ever feel intimidated to grow up from a humble beginning.

Also,  we had to have a heart like trees and learn how to be grateful to the ones who have ever helped you. Trees love us selflessly, they grow, and dedicate their whole life serving humankind who planted them ever. But instead of expressing our gratitude, we cut them down without a sense of pity.
We have to learn how to enjoy every moment of life. The trees are wonderful when they give us the joy of life. Their happiness is never ceased in fron…

My Holiday

My last holiday I went to Jakarta with my family by a car. But first, we went to my grandpa and grandma's grave. It is located at Karawang. We prayed for our grandpa and grandma, then spread some flowers there.

After that, we went to our cousin's house. It is location at Cibubur, Depok. We will celebrated the New Year's eve, so we went to Ciputra Mall to bought some fireworks and trumpets. We also bought some ingredients for BBQ Party, like sausages, corns, and tenderloin steak. Before back to home, we ate first at Bonchon. We brought a lot of stuffs, and it's so heavy.

We back home, then prepared for celebrating the New Year's eve. We put carbon on the grill, washed the ingredients for BBQ Party. When we all tired, we decided to watch horror movie. The title is Ring 2. Me and my cousins were screaming when the ghost appeared, because it's so scaryy.

We went to the balcony, and waiting for the New Year. I saw many of my cousin's neighbors came out and waiti…

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